Our Services

Improving Client Outcomes

We improve our client outcomes by practicing evidence-based medicine which draws from the best evidence and clinical expertise.

Provide Clinical Expertise

As a client focused center we differentiate ourselves by listening to you. You are in full control of your treatment at all times and our clinic is here to best serve your needs.

Focus on Values 

Our philosophy is to provide “patient centered” care; combining your biological, psychological, and social needs into our treatment with you.

Use Best Clinical Evidence

We practice evidence-based medicine by taking the best clinical evidence and applying it to our clients individual situations.


Our Treatment Types


Intranasal Ketamine (Spravato) for treatment resistant depression Spravato

Longer-acting Treatments

Also provide Long-Acting Injections for Schizophrenia

Chemical Dependence

Chemical Dependence services in association with Texas Clinic

What to expect

The initial psychiatric evaluation may last about 1 hour to provide a thorough evaluation. Please plan to accommodate this time for comprehensive evaluation. Treatment recommendations may include medication, therapeutic interventions, and/or psychological testing.