Dr. Aqeel Hashmi

Dr. Aqeel Hashmi completed residency from Baylor College of Medicine and is board certified in General Adult psychiatry with more than 20 years experience in the field. He has worked in several countries including the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. He has experience in the public and private sector; and he has mostly treated patients with severe and enduring mental illness. Forensic experience has included treating patients in secure and correctional settings. Dr. Hashmi is currently medical Director of a 72 bed free standing behavioral health facility, and lead psychiatrist at a correctional facility.

What Sets Us Apart

Targeted treatment

Our primary objective is to ensure the well-being of our clients and provide targeted treatment. We provide quality treatment through the practice of evidence-based medicine.

Client Centered Care

Our experienced staff has in depth knowledge and skills to provide you with client centered care. Our clients come first and we work together to help you get better.

People & Relationships

We are people focused and listen to our patients and what they have to say. You stay in control of your treatment at all times.

Improving Client Outcomes

We improve our client outcomes by practicing evidence-based medicine which draws from the best evidence and clinical expertise.

Provide Clinical Expertise

As a client focused center we differentiate ourselves by listening to you. You are in full control of your treatment at all times and our clinic is here to best serve your needs.


Focus on Values

Our philosophy is to provide “patient centered” care; combining your biological, psychological, and social needs into our treatment with you.

Use Best Clinical Evidence

We practice evidence-based medicine by taking the best clinical evidence and applying it to our clients individual situations.


Our Treatment Types


Intranasal Ketamine (Spravato) for treatment resistant depression Spravato

Longer-acting Treatments

Also provide Long-Acting Injections for Schizophrenia

Chemical Dependence

Chemical Dependence services in association with Texas Clinic

What to expect

The initial psychiatric evaluation may last about 1 hour to provide a thorough evaluation. Please plan to accommodate this time for comprehensive evaluation. Treatment recommendations may include medication, therapeutic interventions, and/or psychological testing.

What our clients say


My average customer rating is 5 / 5

Niraj Sangroula
Niraj Sangroula
Dr Hashmi is a wonderful person to work with. He makes you comfortable and you will leave with a smile on your face even after one interaction with him. His new office is pleasant and neat(with shiny floors?). The kind and interactive staffs make it even more of a great experience visiting the office. 100%recommend.
Rebeca D
Rebeca D
Dr. Hashmi is a very professional doctor. He listened to me explain my symptoms and helped me. I give Dr. Hashmi and his staff five well deserved stars.
JoAnn A.
JoAnn A.
Dr.Hashmi is great at helping figure out the best treatment plan needed. Does not rush you and communicates very well. He’s honest and willing to go above and beyond.He is very professional and just makes you feel comfortable.
Fauz Hawa
Fauz Hawa
A very understanding and cooperative psychiatrist with vast knowledge of patients’ different needs
Pommy B
Pommy B
Would definitely recommend Dr Hashmi, really takes time to listen and does not make you feel rushed, wonderful experience all together!
Aya and Dr. Hashmi are very kind and care about patient outcomes! I really like that they are forward thinking and innovative when it comes to medical care. It’s wonderful to have access to novel approaches to mental health that are FDA approved. The new building is also very clean and comfortable. I’m grateful for their treatment and support.
Mr. No Tengo Dinero
Mr. No Tengo Dinero
Dr. Hashmi provides the best interest treatment for whoever comes to his practice. Awesome psychiatric doctor whom I can trust! He goes by case by case so his treatment is specific for each patients! If you have a psychiatric issue, you got my recommendation! I like the simplistic and clean environment of this facility! Come and get well! cheers ?
Dustyn Tobin
Dustyn Tobin
Dr. Hashmi, his staff, and the nurse practitioners who monitor you during Spravato are exceedingly professional and truly care for their patients. His office was highly responsive and helped coordinate getting Spravato covered by insurance, which can be difficult to get covered without an attentive doctor. Dr. Hashmi and his staff make getting cutting edge treatments as easy as possible because they care. 10/10.


Research by Dr Aqeel Hashmi

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